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Uploaded By: Kyle McArdle. Added on: 16 February 2012.
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What is "The Pulse?"

There are certain things in life that define us. Not tangible materials or the externalities people create. The intangibles, the way you feel about something, the way you see, hear, taste, or touch an object...what perpetually motivates you, your DNA strands, your heartbeat, your innate skills...YOUR PULSE.

Your pulse is a very specific definition of you that no spouse, best friend, or genetic engineer can define or create. Luckily, Bartrackers matches your pulse, who you are with what is going on in reality....find YOUR perfect bar, every time.

Find girls, find guys, the young & old, the sincere or the partyers. Want a quiet or loud atmosphere? Are the people approachable? Is it busy or slow? Want live music, lust, or desire? See pictures of yourself and what happened last night? We provide it all to you for FREE and the information is LIVE.

What is your Pulse?

-Guys to Girls Ratio
-Live music
-Overall feel
-GPS location based discounts from participating venues
-What you did last night Gallery Photos

We can help......................Simply Sign up @ www.Bartrackers.com